“One of the best things to happen for us in New Mexico, and Albuquerque in particular, is to have Dennis Alexander in our midst.  He has brought renewed energy to our music associations and his excellent compositions for young pianists have enlarged our repertoire choices as teachers; his works have excitement, drama, joviality and lyricism---they make students want to practice.


From personal experience I can say that Dennis is a thoughtful adjudicator, a warm and insightful teacher and a generous and supportive colleague.  He consistently spends time and effort far above the norm in Master Classes at both National and State levels.  His enthusiasm is contagious.  The Dennis Alexander Piano Competition has added new excellence and stature to the level of piano performance in New Mexico.  It has also added greatly to the options available in our musical community.”

Astrid Viana Groth
NCTM, Past President PMTNM, President, Albuquerque MTA