Chiao-Li Tsai
Piano Instructor, Albuquerque, NM

“As a piano teacher for over two decades, I am constantly searching ways to motivate, inspire, and encourage my students to be better musicians.  I’ve found that the Dennis Alexander Piano Competition is one of the best venues for me to help my students achieve this goal.  It’s really a blessing that Mr. Alexander, such a famous and inspiring composer, is residing in Albuquerque, and that there’s even such a competition available for the young kids.  One of my students, Meico Hsiao, attended the 1st Dennis Alexander Piano Competition and won 3rd place as well as an award for the best performance of Dennis Alexander’s composition.  He was greatly encouraged through this event.  On top of the trophies and cash award, the chance to meet Mr. Alexander face to face, and to even be congratulated by him has imprinted a valuable memory in this young musician’s heart.  I am sure this event will continue to motivate, inspire, and encourage these young kids to become better musicians.”