2020 Repertoire Requirements


Contestants will perform two contrasting pieces in order of their choice:

 (1) a Dennis Alexander composition from the Repertoire Requirement (see below)

and (2) a contrasting piece from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic or Contemporary period.


All compositions must be performed from memory.  Music must be in the original form with no names on it and measures must be numbered.    Photocopies are strictly prohibited!!  If students present judges with photocopies, they will be allowed to perform, but will not be considered for any awards.  Contestants who exceed the time limitation may be stopped but will not be penalized.



Required Repertoire by Dennis Alexander

(an “*” before each piece indicates that a recording is available on

Mr. Alexander’s website:  www.DennisAlexander.com)



CATEGORY I – Ages 7-8  (6 minutes)

*  Traffic Zoo (sheet solo)

*  Cello Song  (First Lyric Pieces)

*  Imperial Sonatina, 3rd mv't. "Presto giocoso" (sheet solo) or (Dennis Alexander's Favorite Solos, Bk. 1)

*  The Lost Troubadour (sheet solo)


CATEGORY II – Ages 9-10  (8 minutes)

*  Toccata Brillante - (sheet solo) or (The Best of Dennis Alexander, Bk. 2)

*  Nocturne No. 3 in F Major  (Nocturnes, Bk. 1) (video recording at:      www.Alfred.com/AlexanderNocturnes

*  Gypsy Fire!    (The Magic of Music, Bk. 2)

*  Sonatina in D Major, 1st mv't. "Presto"   (Simply Sonatinas, Bk. 2)


CATEGORY III      Ages 11-12  (10 minutes)

*  Arioso in D Major  (Especially in Romantic Style, Bk. 2)

*  Black and White  (A Splash of Color, Bk. 3)

*  Sarabande Elegante  (Five-Star Solos, bk. 6)

*  Titanium Toccata   (A Splash of Color, Bk. 3)


CATEGORY IV  --  Ages 13 -15  (10 minutes)

*   Nocturne No. 12 in D-flat Major  (Nocturnes, Bk. 2) (video recording at: www.Alfred.com/AlexanderNocturnes)

*    3 Preludes: “Celestial Lullaby", "Zigzag",  and "Bravissimo!"” (Contestant chooses order) (24 Character Preludes)

*   Toccata Tempestosa  (Sheet Solo) 

*   Nocturne No. 13 in G Major (Nocturnes, Bk. 2) (video recording at: www.Alfred.com/AlexanderNocturnes)