Dear Potential Donor,


            How would you like to be recognized as a contributing sponsor for a most unique and exciting piano competition that showcases the talents of young artists throughout the state of New Mexico each year?


            For years now, research by leading universities has shown over and over that studying piano can improve a child’s sense of self-worth.  In fact, a 1999 study shows that the self-esteem benefits that children derive from studying piano transcends socioeconomic boundaries.  In addition, the study of piano helps to improve math skills, language skills, listening skills and increases concentration and focus. 


            The Dennis Alexander Piano Competition is the “brainchild” of Tatiana Vetrinskaya, the Director of the New Mexico School of Music who felt that young pianists in the state needed an opportunity to showcase their extraordinary talent.  This competition is open to young pianists who range from the age of 7 through 15 years old, and is the only piano competition of it’s kind named after an internationally renowned educational composer.  The response from teachers, audience, and participants from the past two years was met with so much enthusiasm and support that the competition has become an annual event!  Our dream is to eventually make this a regional competition that would attract piano students from the southwestern United States.


            As with any competition of this nature, there are many costs involved.  These expenses include hiring outstanding and experienced judges (often from out-of-state), medals and certificates for all participants, cash awards and trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, programs, and publicity.   We would love to be able to offer a greater incentive to these young talents by increasing the amount of prize money in the future, in addition to covering all of the necessary expenses. 


           In recognition of this annual competition, we are seeking corporate or individual sponsorship at the following levels:



            "Diamond Sponsor"                $3,000.00+

            “Platinum Sponsor”                $2,000.00+

             “Gold Sponsor”                        $1,000.00+

            “Silver Sponsor”                        $500.00+

            “Bronze Sponsor”                     $250.00+

            “Copper Sponsor”                     $100.00+

            "Friends of DAPC"                       $25.00+



A contribution by you would be a wonderful statement to teachers, students, and the general public that you genuinely care about the arts in New Mexico and through your generosity you will help to insure that this unique competition will continue to thrive and grow for years to come.  Your contribution will be recognized in a beautiful program distributed to audience members who attend both the preliminary competition as well as the winner’s concert in Keller Hall on Sunday afternoon following the competition.


To make a contribution to the Dennis Alexander Piano Competition, simply click on the "Forms" link at the top of this website and download the "Donor Support PDF Form", complete the information on the form and mail to the indicated address.


In conclusion, thank you for taking the time to read this letter and please know how much I personally appreciate any contribution you can make to help insure that this competition continues to inspire and motivate young pianists and their teachers to strive for the highest levels of artistry and musicianship!  


Most sincerely,


Dennis Alexander

Composer/Pianist/Artistic Director