Tatyana Bayliyeva
Unique Piano Studio, Albuquerque, NM

“I am one of the first teachers who participated in the Dennis Alexander Piano Competition.  It has been exciting for me and my students to be a part of this wonderful event!  More and more of my students would like to participate in this terrific competition as they realize that the musical world goes beyond just taking piano lessons.  The competition, importantly, provides the students with an opportunity to meet and hear other talented pianists as well as explore different styles of piano music. The competition is very motivational for my students.  All the students feel appreciated for their hard work when they receive a certificate, medal and a music book signed by Dennis Alexander.  Winners are especially motivated by a cash prize and the opportunity to perform in Keller Hall.  When I asked one of my students “what was the most inspiring thing for you in the competition” he said: “I could see a real composer, hear his playing, talk to him and even take a picture!”  I think it’s fabulous that young pianists can interact with a living composer.  We need this competition to promote musical excellence and education in our state for students of all levels.”